11. Three weeks after


Three weeks into the professional kitchen experience and I get to do my own catering once again.

Working in my own kitchen.
Using my own equipment.
Making my own food.
Darn! How I miss it.

Today, I will be making: (for catering)
Vegetarian spring rolls
Garlicky and buttery prawns - My mommy's recipe.
Chicken Wings - breaded, fried and crisped with buffalo sauce for dipping.
Longanisa -  a Filipino chorizo
Pork Siopao Asado - Steamed buns with sweet pork fillings.
Pansit Bihon - Stir fried rice noodles.
... Cheesecake!
Vegetarian Spring rolls


I am not in any form discrediting the food we serve in the restaurant, please don't get me wrong. Being in this environment only strengthens my convictions of getting my Adobo out there. (I use capital A for my Adobo as I mean it like you would mean your mojo while pertaining to the Filipino dishes I make). And yes, I am very lucky and I feel so blessed to be a part of and in the company of this amazing chefs. So I am trying to learn as much as I can.


Pansit Bihon

Yesterday, in the midst of cutting veggies, making bechamel, and stirring the soup pot, I heard a voice. No, not that kind of voice!!! You know? Like an epiphany of sorts. That I should really forgo finding my own small place. Anyone willing to invest?

                       Garlicky Buttery Prawns

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