10. Why fresh always sells.

With this opportunity, I am slowly realizing why my food sells. It is always fresh. Made with the freshest ingredients. Cooked on the same day it is served. 

It is not always practical. It is tiring. But I serve with a purpose. To put smiles on the faces of the people eating my food. 

There's nothing better than hearing people say how they loved their food, to cure the aches at the end of the service.
There's nothing better than seeing all these clients leaving the restaurant happy and satisfied, to take away the muscle pains. It is all worth it. I promise...

That was my station today. With wok egg noodles. And of course, my special "jakkara". (step-up)

 I was asked by Chef Handsome to make focaccia yesterday and of course, I just had to do it at home for my number one fan. Rosemary and garlic topped with fresh tomato!

p.s. Chef Handsome said my focaccia was very good! :) Score!!!

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