9.Hat's off!


I am tired, but am smiling from ear to ear.
I am hungry, but I made food for a hundred people.
I couldn't feel my feet, but I could feel the love.

What we served today on the Filipino Lunch buffet is what I do, who I am, and what I live for. I am overwhelmed by the patronage of friends who took time from their busy office lives to come to 4Vuodenaikaa for an hour long lunch. Some of them even got lost but persevered to find the place. Some even had to take 2 buses just to get there. I am humbled. Your kindness leaves an everlasting sense of warmth inside of me. You have no idea how this is fueling my desire to better myself in making delicious food and introduce to you our wonderful Filipino dishes.

I do not forget! I will not forget....

.... That 4Vuodenaikaa gave me a staging place to serve you.
I will be forever grateful for this wonderful boss, for allowing this event to take place.
For giving me this opportunity to show what I can do.
And with this, comes growth and development.
For that, I thank Chef Bull.

.... That my sous chef did not disappoint.
Who was still working 'till late in the night.
Who had my back.
Who didn't make feel inferior, and allowed me to shine.
For that, I thank Chef Tummy.

.... and to the rest of the staff of 4Vuodenaikaa, who made it all possible, I am indebted. You are wonderful people and together you make one wonderful place to work!

The Veggie Springroll magic!
Thank you, Mary Jane and Luvie!
Chicken Adobo

Antti's plateful of happiness! (literally)

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