5. Filipino Lunch Buffet 30.10.2015

Oct. 26, 2015

It is official. We are serving Filipino Lunch Buffet at 4Vuodenaikaa on Friday, 30th of October. It is located at Pyynikintie 25, 33230 Tampere. Bus 25 goes there from the city center. You can get off at the Trikookuja bus stop.

1. Shrimp Sinigang
2. Vegetarian springrolls
3. Salmon ceviche with salad greens
4. Chicken Adobo
5. Vegetarian stir fried - Chop Suey

'Twas a kale day for me. I have only prepared it once before, but I think it turned out quite well. Mixed in with roasted potatoes and served with 2 fish meatloaf. Chef Tummy did a good job on this. Thumbs up!

Salmon Ceviche - Kilawing Salmon

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