3. Ecstasy

October 23, 2015

Chef Tummy asked me to prepare a Filipino themed lunch buffet for next week, Friday! It is usually a slow day. But WTH? It is still going to be my kitchen for a day! I must have been doing something good to be asked on the 3rd day.

This is something I consider an ecstatic moment. They are putting their faith in me even if it is on a slow day. But, I have a plan! I am going to advertise MY day. I am going to do everything I can to ensure that the food will all be gone on MY day. As a passionate Filipino cook, I am personally invested to get MY Adobo out in the world! Even if it is only in Tampere city for now. So yes Tampere! I want you to come and spend your hard earned money on a lunch you will never forget. No, make that I NEED YOU to come and enjoy yourselves on that meal I will prepare. I am going to make sure that you will be happily fed and get your moneys worth.

Pyynikintie 25, 33230 Tampere
Puh: +358 50 400 9510

Chicken Adobo offered by Apple Cooks for a catering.

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