2. Chicken shouldn't have snots!

October 22, 2015

I clean my chicken well. I really do! I don't care how long it takes, I have to clean my chicken. So today, I was tasked to wash about 15 kilos of chicken. That whole thigh and leg part. With some of the lungs attached. I washed and I rubbed till the chicken lost it's slime.

From the age of nine, I was taught by my mom to clean poultry by rubbing it with rock salt to take that slimy snot like film under the skin. Make sure that the lungs left behind the rib cage is taken off by simply sliding your thumb through it. And to peel off the tough yellow skin at the heel. More like the skin covering your Achilles' tendon. These things are ruining the flavours of your wonderful chicken. Remember to run it under cold water and pat dry with kitchen paper before cooking.

So there I was, on the sink with piles of chicken, washing away, while the chefs came by one at a time checking what I'm doing. Well, it took me a good 2 hours to wash em all, cut them in two pieces and lay 'em all on trays. Yup! I used a good chunk of time. I am not going to bend my virtues on this. I want those freakin' chickens to be finger-lickin good!

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