4. My balls aren't the same size....

October 24, 2015

... but neither are yours! Falafels are a cheeky treat.

It is amazing that my chefs give me free reigns. I get to make these balls on my own and they loved it.  Chef Tummy asked me if I have made falafels and I honestly said no. He told me to look for the recipe and that I will have to do it for Friday lunch. So I did. I washed, I weighed, I measured, I grind, I mixed, I balled and I deep-fried 'em balls!

I was quite happy that Chef Bull (the one who interviewed me) came to me just to say how delicious the falafels are and that he liked it very much and thanked me. Am sorry, but that just felt fantastic!

Let's see what's in store for me next week. Chef Tummy (the chef who was born a year after I started cooking) is making fish meatloaf. That ought to be good!

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