1. Dead Tired!

October 21, 2015
2 days in a professional kitchen, and I am dead tired!

Being a mom/cook/caterer for God knows how long, has taken a toll on my body. Not in that sense. I have forgotten how to exercise because of the need to do house chores. No, not so much in that sense either. My house is always a mess. But the need to always have something new to cook, serve and eat. And that takes a big chunk off my energy. The preparation that goes into it, the work itself and the clean up after. So going into a professional kitchen was something I should have prepared my body for. Psychologically, I cannot be more than prepared.

My first task was to chop veggies for wok. Easy. I do that all the time. Except I have to chop around 20 kilos of different vegetables. In the beginning, I was chopping really fast because it was 10am and we open at 11. Until more than halfway, when one of the chefs told me it's for tomorrow! So I slowed down. Apparently, the people in the kitchen were amazed by my chopping skills. Score!

Next, I had to make chocolate mud cake. Still easy. I can do it with my eyes closed. The catch? I have to make 6 batches in one go. You know those street construction guys with drill machines to cut the ground? That's how big the hand mixer is. I looked like a dwarf with this hand mixer on a 30liter pot! And to top it all, I had to melt the butter and chocolate on this pot on top of a portable stove on top of  the counter which is already high for me to begin with. And yes, I was on my tiptoes.

Before the day ended, I was given the task to make caesar salad dressing from scratch. Not my best suit, but I shall wing it. So I was given a container to fill and counting my eggs, I took 20. But of course, they use the whites too. And I miscalculated. So in the end, the chef had to take out about 14 beaten eggs from the mixture.
And that's just the first day!
I intend to learn as much as I can from this endeavor. So bear with me!

The gooey-absolutely-delicious choclit mud cake!

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