6. Where are your eggs?

I remember going to the original owner of the Pyynikin Liha, this serious looking father figure, who is about in his 60's and asking him in my carefully thought Finnish; "Missä teidän muna on?"

The look on his face turning red, horrified to down right laughing with a snort! I was of course appalled at myself after my husband told me what it meant when I reached home. To my non-Finn friends, it meant "Where are your testicles/balls?"

Today, I was the Omelette Lady, and this was my station. Very happy looking tomatoes with mozarella and basil added later.

Just so you have an idea, this is Chef Tummy and he is that tall. My head doesn't even reach the top of that tiled wall.

And this is Chef Gorgeous tasting the salmon ceviche I made for them. 

I thank God everyday that I am in the company of these wonderful people with golden hearts and amazing cooking skills. If happiness is being with a person who loves doing the same things as you do, multiply that with 10 and that's how I feel!

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