7. Pick-a-boss!

Well, Chef Bull isn't officially my boss. But if I am to choose a boss after Wim (my current boss), I will choose him. He took me today to buy the ingredients for Friday Filipino lunch and apparently, they are expecting 100pax for this lunch as they have been advertising it. More than twice the target for normal Friday lunch! No pressure there, boss.

Chef Tummy is more than a pretty decent chef. He is very good. So I wasn't expecting him to have a hard time with the menu that the boss is giving us. But he did. And I hope I helped him out of it by rectifying the lunch for tomorrow.

It is rather challenging and stressful in a different kind of setting. The feeling is real though! We get a list of food to make, and we have to concoct it. Make miracles, more like it. I do learn everyday. And it felt like my very first restaurant managerial job back in the Philippines. I look forward each day to coming to work.

I was the soup lady today, by the way. And it was delicious! I always make this chicken noodle soup for Ria when she is sick. Very similar to that, with garlic, onion, ginger, sesame oil and broken-down eggs, sans the noodles.

Oh yeah, these knives might just be from Ikea, but it feels like they were made for my hands.

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