8. Pinoy ito!

Chef Tummy turning Pinoy for tomorrow! He was akin to learn how to make pan de sal but he couldn't make them into a smooth ball like I want. He put his hands up and asked to wrap the springrolls instead. Haha. And they weren't the same sizes. I just want to take a moment to acknowledge the fact that today, he was learning something from me. 
I couldn't boil my adobo the way I would have wanted it but it is working out well. It looked and tasted the way I wanted it to. 
Ceviche will be phenomenal, because the salmon is so fresh and the sauce so spicy! 
My helper for the day, while prepping the ceviche.

And this?

... I had a sudden craving for pan de sal! Haha. So I am making it for tomorrows staff breakfast. 

See you tomorrow Tamperelaiset!

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