15. LEAF = Excellent customer service

L - Listen
E - Empathize
A - Acknowledge
F - Fix

These are the four cornerstone of an excellent customer service. I used to teach these to my trainees back in the Philippines where I managed several restaurants. These are very important skills to be equipped with especially when dealing with difficult guests/customers. Today, we faced similar situation at the restaurant and this cutie patoutie host/waitress Lissu was at the receiving end of it. Our guests aren't that difficult, but they wouldn't accept the chicken saying it was raw. I know it isn't, I cooked it! So I came over, took the plates away, said my apologies and fixed it. I put new ones in the oven, made sure the pink veins are gone and served it on their table. Said my apologies once again, thanked them for telling us the problem and a graceful exit all in my chefs uniforms glory. With subtle handling, the guests were appeased, said thank you for the good service and left with the lightest of hearts and a promise to come back.

                  The cutie Lissu

Being in the hospitality business is not for the faintest of hearts. Patience, kindness and the proverbial ways of satisfying others must be a virtue from within.  Otherwise, you shouldn't be in this career path. 

Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Baked chicken with coriander cream sauce

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