17. Battle wounds!

This is one of those days when something can really just go wrong.

Karma is such a bitch! I cut myself because I stole some coriander from the catering department. haha. But you know what? Chef Eelis drove me to the clinic. For that, am grateful. I am just a mere trainee in that kitchen. There wasn't a need to give me a ride to that clinic. And yet, he was chivalrous enough to take me there. So to Chef Eelis, Kiitoksia paljon.
Luckily, I don't need any stitches. But it is still such a waste of time getting all the insurance papers done for nothing. The doctor saw me, but didn't do anything. Didn't even prescribe any medication. Just changed the dressing and sent me off my merry way. Asked me if I want a sick leave paper, I said no, and that was it! Now I am left with 4 pages of freaking forms to fill up.  Oh what joy!

 Beautiful pork bellies prepared by Chef Eelis at 4Catering Pyynikki. :)

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