18. Apple is allergic to apples

Getting ready for tomorrows Christmas lunch. I was stationed at Turkey and Apple salad and without batting an eyelash, I of course said yes, forgetting that I have a massive apple allergy. Apart from protecting my new bubu, gloves were my bestfriends today. I love the smell of apples, but the juices that splashed to my face and eyes, had of course developed some allergic reactions. 'All in a day's work' as they say.
It is such a lame excuse for a cook, I know. But it has to be done. And so it was. :)

Powering through with all the help from my back-from-canary-holidays lunch partner. Dippis is the man! If only he will learn to calm down and relax more. He gets me into a frenzy too and I end up not enjoying my meals. But after a week with Chef Eelis, I am slowly encouraging Chef Tummy to calm the f**k down. Let's see, end of year is coming soon.

Today's menu were meatballs and pasta in tomato sauce, pizza, and Thursday pea soup. Super uh-may-zing!

Will try to get more pictures of tomorrows buffet.

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